Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I am such a serious blog slacker.... As you may know or not know for that matter my husband was cross leveled to deploy with a unit out of CT. I had my first FRG meeting tonight well kind of and by that I mean it was via a tela-conference. It was actually nice to hear from the commanders and master Sgt. of his unit on how the guys are doing. Me and the Mr. do talk daily but because he is now working 12 hour shifts and with the time change, me working days and he working nights so the conversations are brief to say the least. I know that it will not be forever and I am learning to be okay with it, but never the less it is always nice to hear from someone else that all the guys are doing well. I am really missing the husband today and knowing that in one week I will be headed to see him is so EXCITING! It is a very bitter sweet thing for me right now as much as I cannot wait to see him, I also know that at the end of his 4 day pass with in a small amount of time he will be leaving the country for Iraq. I feel like even though we are living the deployment life it is not the "true deployment life" yet and by this I mean he is still in the states and he is safe and I know that. It seemed so real tonight hearing the commander say that they would be flying to Iraq in the near future, wow like this Iraq thing is really happening and soon wow.

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  1. It isn't going to be easy, but it has to start before it can be over with! At least after that, it will be the last milestone to dread and the rest will be happy ones!