Tuesday, July 13, 2010

yay for tile!

Today has been such a busy day as they seem to be lately! Work has been so crazy busy lately but I am so thankful for the distraction. My master bathroom has been in the middle of a total remodel for like 6ish weeks now. My parents are nice enough to be completely redoing my master bathroom and I am so completely ready and excited for it to be finished already. It has taken what seems like forever since my parents live 4 hours away and have jobs and lives of their own. Today I was finally able to get the rest of the tile needed to finish my bathroom, the tile store has been sold out of the tile I needed for WEEKS. So while my parents are here this weekend I am hopeful that the rest of the tile will get finished up so we can finally grout, paint and put in the new vanity and what not! So today was a much much better day for the most part! it is kind of getting late and my 5am wake up call comes far to early. On another note tomorrow makes the 3 year anniversary of the day I met my amazing husband I will blog more about that tomorrow and talk about more about the care package I sent Mr. Wonderful earlier this week and my upcoming Seattle trip that I am beside myself excited about!!


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