Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I met Mr. Wonderful 3 years ago today

Today makes the 3 year anniversary of the day my life changed forever. It is so hard to believe that it has already been 3 years where does the time go? I sent a care package to Steven on Monday of some of his favorite things I really wanted to do something special for him. It wasn't much but I made him rice krispy treats they are one of his all time favs, and I bakes him some double chocolate chip cookies cause eh why not right? I also sent him a few bags of his favorite candy and a hand full of his magazines that are still being delivered to the house. I wish he would have received them today but hey it's all good there is always tomorrow. I have been thinking a lot today about my life in general and I am seriously so lucky to have married such an incredible man. Steve is so good to me and couldn't love me more if he tried he truly does make life complete for me. We have been married a short year and 9 months and spent a good amount of time apart and as hard as it is he is more then worth waiting for. Steven I love you more then there will ever be words enough to describe, Happy Meet-a-versary!


  1. Awwww...Happy Meet-a-versary! This is so sweet! I sent my Honey a care package too!! I found that cake travels well and arrives fresh even after 5 days..wrapped and vacuum-packed!

    I hope you are having a great week!


  2. I will for sure have to remember that Steve LOVES cake too! ha ha

  3. Awww... Happy "meet-a-versary"! My three years will be in January, and it does go by soooo quick!

  4. Happy meet-a-versary!!!

    Try this out:

    I've done it and it works great!

  5. Hi there. I found you through Nicole's blog from the summer swap. I am now your newest follower!! I am so bummed I missed out on this summer swap, but hopefully I will catch the next one. Have I mentioned that I love Mary Kay!! Your gifts were awesome, and Happy late "meet-a-versary"!

    You can check me out if you would like at