Saturday, July 10, 2010

Blog fail

Yesterday no post woops! I have literally had the longest short week ever at work ever. So, I started my morning today just enraged for a few different reasons. Reason 1, we switched to Comcast like a month ago or something because I felt like I could no longer live without DVR! so while switching to Comcast they talked me into a triple play bundle service (phone, Internet and digital cable) which whatever it's fine even though I have no need for a home phone. Since getting Comcast I have literally received like 4-8 calls per day from debt collectors for some random person I have never even heard of. This morning at 7:20 the phone rings and it wakes me up and it's a freaking debt collector for someone I have never even heard of AHHHH!!!! I then call up Comcast and let them know I need a new phone number TODAY, the woman proceeded to tell me that I should really just explain to the debt collectors calling that I don't know that person...... ummm NO. They did finally give me a new home number but I have been dealing with this for a month to long now and I am just over it. So irritation 2 of the day, now I understand that unless you live the military spouse lifestyle there are some things that you will just never understand. This however does not give you an excuse to be ignorant and insulting. A "friend" of mine asks me this morning how do you do it? like being away from your spouse all the time being lonely.... OK so by this point I get what is being hinted at and I say to my friend "It is not easy nor is it suppose to be but I stay so busy all the time and it really is all about the love you have for the other person, and my other person is more then worth waiting for" my friend then says to me "Lindsay I have a friend who's husband is a Marine and he told my friend that you can have sex with whom ever you would like to have sex with, but if you get knocked up its over" Ummm WHAT! your kidding right? I mean you seriously have to be kidding? Now this situation is none of my business, though I do not at all agree with it. I then told my friend "look a year is a really long time and with all of Steve's training it will end up being a year an a half but its all about being strong willed and knowing at the end of the deployment you have the rest of your life to spend with that person". A year seems like an eternity right now but in the over all picture of life a year is such a small fraction of time. I am an Army wife and most day's it sucks but I love my husband more and more every single day and I could not be more proud of what he is doing. Sometimes I just wish people would take a minute to think before they speak, my husband is deployed for the freedom of every person in this country along with all of our other deployed service members, if you do not have anything nice to say I ask you to say nothing at all.



  1. Don't you just love "friends"?

  2. ha ha I do. Funny how they always think they have something wise to say!