Thursday, August 12, 2010


Sorry I have been MIA lately but life has just been CRAZY. I got back late Tuesday night from Seattle/ Ft. Lewis, I had such an amazing time. It was a very bitter sweet trip for me, while I was more then excited to see my wonderful husband knowing at the end of the trip we would be saying good bye again but this time for much much longer hung over both of our heads. We did all the fun tourist things; The Space Needle, Pikes Place Market (my favorite thing we did), shopping downtown, a lunch cruise on Lake Washington to watch the Blue Angels air show. We did so many fun things and I have to be honest in saying a few things, First I completely LOVE Seattle for that matter the whole sate of Washington, and second this was by far the most memorable and one of the best if not the best places vacation wise me and Steve have ever been. Steve's pass was Friday through Monday however I was able to pick him up Thursday around lunch time and he was with me until I left for the airport to come home Tuesday late afternoon I must say that I am more then thankful that we had those extra couple of half day's together. The more that I am away from my husband the more I realize that I just function better with him around and the more I realize that he is what makes my life everything that I had ever dreamed that it would be. I am so lucky to have such a sweet, thoughtful, understanding and patient husband I don't know how I got so lucky! I will post some pictures of our trip soon and I promise I will get back into regular blogging now that things have finally kind of settled down. I am leaving again tomorrow to go to Hartford CT for our yellow ribbon phase 3 meeting should be a good time with lots of helpful information I'm sure. One last thing that just came to mind, I met a lot of the soldiers that Steven is deploying with and all I have to say is that he is so lucky to be with such a great group of people, I know it made me feel so much better to meet them and know that they all "have each others backs".

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  1. I was thinking about you since you didnt call back, but Im sure you just got busy. Im glad you had a great time, and you have all the "sad" milestones behind you now. I know its overwhelming and seems like eternity, but we will get through it.