Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Feeling oh so blah today

So I for the past few days have been feeling better but still not quite like myself. Steven was busy yesterday so we didn't talk much and that's OK I understand he has stuff he has to do, but when we did talk I couldn't help but be completely irritated. I know that it wasn't all his fault I just haven't been feeling right lately and I just can't explain it. He called to talk to me about his pay issues ( no one is getting paid ) and I am kinda just sick of hearing about it as always with he military they say one thing and do another then change it 28 times before things get straightened out. Steve told me he would call me back when he got out of finance and I was busy and couldn't talk so I called him when I had gotten into bed last night and he was busy at a promotion party and I could not even hear him so he said he would call back I waited about 20 minutes and did not hear back from him ( again I know he is busy ) and so I sent him a text telling him to just call me tomorrow I was going to bed ( 5am wake up calls come super early ). Steve called me shortly after and I was so very irritated I was tired and just not in the mood to talk. He proceeded to tell me how he was disappointed about his promotion ( he is up for promotion and put in a packet a few months back but because of some paper work being a few days out of date they didn't even consider him ) I was then really irritated he was told he could put in another packet for promotion board in Aug. and do you think he has worked on it at all?!? heck no.... then he tells me he wants to promote blah blah blah and I told him no you don't or you would have worked on your packet and wouldn't be making excuses. He then gets mad at me and tells me fine I'll call in the morning, and at this point I don't care what he does he deserves the promotion but this is on him and I'm sick of always being the one to have to push him to do what he needs to do. I got a text this morning tell me that he needs his ass kicked sometimes and that hes going to do group PT and then play volleyball so he will call me today at some point then signs the text SSG Rolofson... I am not impressed even if he was trying to be funny, I woke up fine this morning and now that I have stewed about this I am now irritated again.... here is to today only going up from here.


  1. I posted the swap partners!

  2. HELLO! I am your swap partner :) I guess shoot me an e-mail: and we can exchange information! I'm super excited :)