Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday, Monday....

Another week is done and gone and I haven't accomplished much of my giant to do list. I have been so busy since Steven left 2 weeks ago and I feel as though nothing is getting accomplished but such is life. I had another amazing weekend with my amazing family! I am so thankful that they all live so close because I more then ever need them now. Steven is finally off of the night shift and it's about time! I really miss talking to him throughout the day. I have been working on a few deployment projects they will take me some time but I think he will appreciate them! I also feel so much better about the upcoming deployment as I now have a deployment buddy! Lindsey's husband will be deploying shortly after my husband so it will be nice to have someone going through what I am going through at the same time. This oil spill is really depressing not only for the obvious reasons but because of our upcoming vacation to the gulf coast of FL. I did however finally get my watches sized so I can finally wear them they are such cute summer watches! Since Lindsey came in to my life a few short days ago things have been so much better I fill like I finally have someone to talk to who completely gets it and I am ever so thankful for her!! I really need to find myself back at the gym I have really been slacking lately and it would probably make me feel better for many reasons. I have all intentions of starting to tan again at some point this week while I know how bad it is for you I need to get some color before I spend 10 days at the beach so I don't all sun burned. I know that this blog has been so random but I just have a lot on my mind right now.... like the fact that my parents will be here in a little over 3 weeks to redo my bathroom all the tile in the shower and new tile on the floor with a new vanity and I am SO excited but I really need to get my bathroom cleaned out before the bathroom gutting party in 2 weeks.

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