Friday, March 19, 2010

Pre deploment training begins.

So finally the time has come for Steves pre deployment training to begin. It seems like it was just yesterday that we received the news that he would be deploying on 400 day orders to Iraq. We actually found out in the middle of January yet these last two months have just flown by. As I find myself trying to get use to the idea of living alone and being alone again I have found myself with extra time on my hands so a blog seems like a great use of some of my new found free time. I actually have my friend Kaylee to thank for the whole idea of starting a blog as I always find myself looking forward to finding out what is happening in Monje's World! Steven left just 2 short days ago for Ft. Dix NJ for 2 weeks, he will then return home for almost 2 weeks I find myself looking so forward to having him home again! He will then leave again for 6 weeks of training and will come home for the final 2 weeks before reporting for deployment on June 14th. I am so excited for the 2 weeks before his deployment as we have a 10 day trip planned to Ft. Myers FL to see his family and spend some much needed time together.

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