Saturday, September 4, 2010

sorry friends...

I have been the worst blogger ever lately. I have been so busy and so full of stress since my husband left a few weeks back. I got offered and accepted a new job last week, same company different location and department. I am really excited about the job it is going to be a great career move for the future. The first few weeks my husband was gone were by far the hardest things kept changing as far as plans, call times and his location and it was causing me mucho stress. Things for now have calmed down and I am now finally starting to get into a routine thank goodness for that. I had a really hard first week or so as far as sleeping went but that has now gotten much better as well. I miss him more then there are words and there are days I honestly feel like this year is going to kill me but.... we have talked a lot of the past few weeks and decided to start trying for a baby when he comes home on his 2 week R&R we are both more then excited. His R&R is going to be to be late in his deployment cycle so he wont be missing out on much, we can't wait to start our family and we have decided that there is never going to be the perfect time so lets just do it! Our 2 year anniversary is on the 27th of this month and it is really hard to believe it has already been 2 years it seems like just yesterday we met and here we are 4 years later. I will try hard to be better at this whole blogging thing especially now that I have had some time to adjust to this whole deployment idea.


  1. Thats way exciting that you are going to try for a baby! You can always wait until he gets home to do an ultrasound to find out the gender. It doesnt have to be at 18 weeks.

    I'm excited for you!!

  2. Just happened upon your blog. I am a Marine wife, and my husband and I just survived our first deployment. I can sympathize!

    New follower here!